Everything we do is done with benefits for our customers in mind. This is why we develop our own technology in-house, and strive for new and better railway construction products and services.

Technische Beratung Projektmanagement
Consulting, design and technical advice

Our highly-qualified team are here to help no matter the project phrase. Plus, we guarantee everything will be implemented effectively.

Rail Service & Logistics

We are here to help ensure that your construction site equipment and work areas, transport and material storage are all managed smoothly. All through our control centre.

Rail track survey for tamping
Rail track survey, precision measurements

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group has been using railway track surveying systems for more than 20 years. They are always operated by highly experienced employees who have already aligned more than 1000km of track.

aerial photo made by drone
Construction survey, Reality capture

At Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, we have always attached great importance to a functioning, modern surveying system.


The digital solution for cost-efficient and effective maintenance and renewal planning

Railway Safety Services

Short- and long-term provision of trained railway safety personnel.

Inspektion und Analyse Infrastruktur
Inspection and analysis


Maintaining the long-term value of a track system requires proper railroad inspection and maintenance. We support infrastructure managers as economic maintenance is our core competence.

Rail Transport Company

As a rail transport company, we are here to help you with operational services for freight traffic.

Wheel / rail system service

We perform sound technical investigations which ensure the perfectly coordinated pairing of wheels and rails. This ensures a safe and low-wear railway operation which helps save costs long-term.

Specialised staff, staff hire

Short- and long-term leasing of track-laying specialists.

BahnWege Seminare
Training / Seminars


Well positioned for the future, we are here to maintain and expand our expertise with both tried and tested and new seminars.

Lightrail Turning Group
Light rail tuning group - System optimization from a single source

FINE TUNING for rail guided public transport. We examine your system and help you to optimize your facilities and your planning.

Asset management

Our intelligent track management strategy is based around long-term value retention or value enhancement of the track.