Rhomberg Sersa Leadership Academy

We invest in the continuous development of our employees and managers through a comprehensive Leadership Development Program.

The following applies to all our construction projects: The faster the right decisions are made, the faster and better the implementation. To make the right decision, it does not only require experience and expertise, but primarily clear guidelines. And, even more importantly, it takes daily practice to live our values.

Thomas Bachhofner
“I believe each one of our more than 2000 employees is a leader. Because you cannot not lead.“
Thomas Bachhofner
CEO Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

The RSRG Leadership Academy therefore offers our managers and future managers the opportunity to develop themselves and their leadership skills. After all, according to RSRG's understanding, managers have the most important responsibility: they embody our values and philosophy and model them.

Matthias Mono
“We are convinced that the culture of a company is largely shaped by its employees. As we as a Group are constantly advancing, it is important to us that our employees and managers can continue developing their personality and enhance their leadership qualities.“
Matthias Mono
Global Head of HR / Member Group Management

Of course, the demands on our managers and challenges are constantly changing, so that even long-standing leaders have to continuously develop themselves. That is why it takes more than professional skills, because a leader has to take on a variety of roles. And that is exactly where the Leadership Academy enables our employees to develop.

The BIG 6 Management Principles

We have confindence in each other!


We say what we think and do what we say!


We instead of I!


We combine innovation with performance and quality with efficiency


We regard the dignity of everyone


Safety first!

7, 4, 2, 1 … let´s go!

  • 7 countries participate in our global leadership development program
  • 4 modules are included in the RSRG Leadership Academy
  • 2 years is the duration of the programme
  • 1 Group-wide management understanding


The Rhomberg Sersa Leadership Academy Objectives

  • Lead by example (through a common understanding of our management principles)
  • Attract new talent (through the Leadership Academy and our leadership principles)
  • Create a culture of trust and learning (that fosters innovation and generates growth)



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