Digital Rail Services

Digitalisation along the project life cycle

BIM as-built model

The optimal basis for precise planning and design in BIM 

Calibration measuring track

New construction and annual maintenance to ensure operation

Bauablauf und Logistiksimulationen_2
Construction process and logistics simulations

Efficient construction site thanks to 4D construction planning 

Individuelle Entwicklungen für Ihr Baustellenmanagement_1
Customised developments for your construction site management

Customised, targeted development of applications and interfaces for your construction site management 

Data preparation for 3D machine control and construction surveying

The right data for your construction site

Drone flights

Efficient documentation of the existing situation and 3D measurement of the railway infrastructure

Geodata Services_1
Geodata Services

The correct handling of spatial information 

Informations und Projektmanagementsystem_1
Information and project management system

Professional digital project management 


Digitisation of the inventory as a basis for comprehensive evaluations & analyses 

Maps of RSRG_neu1_retuschiert_660x420
Maps of RSRG

Easy access and use of geodata

Planung und Modellierung BIM_2
Planning and modelling of railway technology projects (BIM)

Digital planning, construction and operation

Reporting und Projektüberwachung_3
Reporting and project monitoring

Clarity and information: manage projects with precise insights 

Software MR.pro®

Delivering the highest level of transparency for railways: Rhomberg Sersa Vossloh GmbH’s MR.pro® is an expert system for the asset lifecycle management of railways.

Static and kinematic laser scanning

Point clouds as evidence and as-built documentation 

Track diagnostics: Measuring service for metre-gauge track and railway corridor

Comprehensive measurement services and analysis options

TrackDiagnosis: Tools for dashboard, track analysis & asset management metre gauge

Rail Asset Hub - Our software tools for analysis and asset management

Virtuelle Begehung_1
Virtual walk-through

Efficient and targeted access without security risks


High-quality 3D visualisations and 4D simulations