Construction Site Safety

We offer a comprehensive range of services for monitoring and communication on major construction sites.

Leit-, Sicherungs- und Kommunikationstechnik
ZOKA – Safety and Communication


RS safetec is the supplier of ZOKA - a monitoring and communication system which was specifically developed to ensure major construction sites are managed safely and efficiently.

Access Systems

The ZOKA Access Module can manage and control access to secured areas and zones for authorised persons and vehicles.

Ortung im Tunnel
Positioning Systems / Person Identification

Our ZOKA Positioning System enables the positioning and recording of people, vehicles, and equipment in real time. Depending on the desired system structure, positioning is carried out according to zones or defined detection areas.

Communication Systems / Radio Technology

Construction site communication systems play a central role in safe construction coordination in tunnels and on major construction sites. It provides a connection to the outside world and that people are able to communicate effectively.

Network Technology

In order to ensure that ZOKA system components are securely connected, they are connected via a redundant fibre optic cable network or a secure UMTS/LTE radio connection.

Construction Site Alarm Systems

Our ZOKA Alarm Module enables both centralised and decentralised options for either entire construction site alarms or simply for individual sections of a construction area.

Construction Site Video Surveillance

RS safetec offers an adapted ZOKA Video Module for monitoring individual entrances, entire construction sites and tunnel areas, in which high-quality components but cost-effective technology is used.

Construction Site Monitoring

As a complete solution provider, RK safetec offers a wide range of automation and monitoring solutions.

System Control


Communication distribution cabinets (KVS) used in our ZOKA system can be expanded flexibly and can therefore control external devices such as jet fans, ventilation flaps, fire alarm systems etc. and forward their data to the evaluation point.

Construction Site Lighting

RK safetec plans and implements complete solutions, from normal fluorescent tubes to the most modern LED technology, depending on the demands and safety requirements that need to be met.

Projekte Kalkulation Ausführung
Power Supply

RK safetec offers the right power supply for every project, no matter if it’s medium or low-voltage. Both can be implemented either temporarily during your construction period or permanently after everything’s been completed. If required, the power supply can be implemented redundantly via an additional emergency power supply.