Modernisation Railway Infrastructure

Modernisation Railway Infrastructure

As a leading railway technology provider, we are not only your point of contact for the renewal and expansion of railway infrastructure, we also look after the expansion of your digital infrastructure, too.

Modernisierung Bahninfrastruktur

Current buzzwords like demographic change, urbanisation, digitisation, or CO2 reductions need a modern infrastructure.

We always do what’s best for a project and come up with solutions that work from start to finish. Using our international experience, we’re able to exceed your technical and economic expectations.

In addition to renewing or extending your road infrastructure, you also need to think about increasing your digital infrastructure in order to guarantee a future-proof ride for your end consumers.

What we can do for you:

As a leading railway company, we are here to help with all your modernisation needs, for example:

  • Conception of technical alternatives
  • Analysis of lifecycle costs to evaluate the economic efficiency of systems
  • Constructing slab tracks, independent of systems for branch lines and main lines
  • Developing logistics concepts taking CO2 emissions into account
  • Project delivery that’s cost efficient and on-time
  • Acting as a general contractor for major projects
  • Increasing passenger comfort