Modernisation Railway Infrastructure

As a leading railway technology provider, we are not only the point of contact for the renewal and expansion of railway infrastructure, we also look after the expansion of digital infrastructure.

Modernisierung Bahninfrastruktur

Current catchwords such as "demographic change", "urbanisation", "digitisation" or "CO2 reductions" require a rethinking of mobility and thus the expansion of a modern infrastructure.

We comprehensively carry out projects from the conception to the finished delivery and look for partnership solutions "best for project", whereby we use our international experience with various systems, requirements and solutions to achieve a technically and economically optimal result.

In addition to the renewal or expansion of road infrastructure, the expansion of the digital infrastructure is also future-oriented in order to increase the travel comfort of the end consumers and bring them "on track".

What we can do for you:

As a leading railway company, we are happy to be your contact on the subject of modernisation, e.g. for:

  • Conception of technical alternatives
  • Analysis of lifecycle costs to evaluate the economic efficiency of systems
  • Construction of slab track, independent of the system, for branch lines and main lines
  • Development of logistics concepts considering CO2 emissions
  • Delivery of projects, cost efficient and on-time
  • General contractor for major projects
  • Increasing passenger comfort