Rail Diagnostics

Rail Diagnostics

The digital solution for cost-efficient and effective maintenance and renewal planning


Whether normal or metre gauges, or in rural, mountainous or urban areas - our range of products and services is tailored to meet the requirements of various railway types and gauge widths, both in our home market of Switzerland and internationally, too. As a long-standing and efficient partner to numerous public and private railway companies, Sersa specialises in track construction and maintenance.

Product Specification:

Here at Sersa, we also support you in digital areas with solutions for the digitalisation of your railway infrastructure. This includes:

  • Measuring: Track geometry, catenary, rail profile wear
  • IRISSYS measurement database for data storage, visualisation and analysis
  • Support for maintenance and renewal planning

Measuring Database IRISSYS®:

With IRISSYS, we offer our customers a solution for the storage, visualisation and evaluation of any type of route-related data, supporting maintenance and renewal planning. Cost optimisation is achieved through the targeted and effective use of resources. Our IRISSYS measurement database offers the possibility of: Toporail, GIS, infra3DRail or Asset Management Tools.

IRISSYS is an independent cloud-based software which also has a mobile version. Our measurement database is provided as SAAS.

What we can do for you:

  • Measuring various parametres: track geometry, rail profile (wear), catenary position, etc.
  • Web-based measurement database IRISSYS for the analysis of all track-related data and information
  • Support and consulting for analysis and evaluation of measurement data
  • Planning and implementation support


  • Solutions for the storage, visualisation, and evaluation of any route-related data
  • Cost optimisation thanks to the targeted and effective use of resources
  • Preventive maintenance and renewal planning based on forecasts through to automated budget planning
  • Documentation of the condition of the infrastructure (network condition report)
  • Software-as-a-Service: Cloud-based software, no local installation required
  • Independent with open interfaces for integrating third-party systems