Wheel / rail system service

Wheel / rail system service

We perform sound technical investigations which ensure the perfectly coordinated pairing of wheels and rails. This ensures a safe and low-wear railway operation which helps save costs long-term.


Our engineers are highly trained and experienced track specialists. They are familiar with complex wheel-rail interactions and create precise condition analyses for you, which forms the basis for economic maintenance. When it comes to turnout planning, they use their know-how to create the basis of their values.

One of our key tasks is supporting light rail transportation companies and the railway industry as a whole with their rail-based guidance issues. Our consulting services range from root cause analysis of wear phenomena to the lifetime optimisation of components and detailed feasibility studies.

  • optimisation of wheel/track interfaces: cross dimension and contact geometry, definition of nominal dimensions and tolerances, mating materials for wheels and tracks and intermediate materials with a lubricating effect
  • detection of basic design errors on tracks and rolling stock
  • selection of parametres and definition of suitable requirements


For more information please see: https://rsv.gmbh/?lang=en.