We take care of the smooth management of construction site equipment and work areas, transport and material storage. Means to an end: our control centre.


What we can do for you:

  • Safeguarding proof of compliance with the required quality, safety and environmental regulations
  • Ensuring the implementation of logistics requirements, site safety and provisional structures
  • Structure of the organisation installation/logistics/provisional structures for the planning and execution phase
  • Capacity planning (infrastructure, material)
  • Coordination with the construction managers of syndicate partners with regard to temporary construction work, transport access, third party transport
  • Safety and environmental inspections
  • Decision-making power in conflicts and transport shortages
  • Monitoring of all logistical processes and activities and of all logistics personnel
  • Organisation, monitoring and inspection of the installation sites, the plants, the equipment, the installations and the safety area
  • Implementation of occupational safety measures
  • Supervision of temporary building projects
  • Ensuring the most cost-effective implementation while making the best use of resources