BIM as-built model

BIM as-built model

The optimal basis for precise planning and design in BIM 


Product description

An as-built model is created from the interaction of the railway operators' system data and the analyses of the field surveys. It provides all project participants with a standardised base and serves as a reliable source of information for use cases based on it. These can be, for example, the planning of the construction project, the virtual inspection or a simulation of a dismantling.  

The content of the as-built model should contain the necessary information for all parties involved, especially the specialist planners, in order to support the further planning process. The basic data for this can come from the customer's facility database, field surveys or publicly accessible GIS services.  

As-built modelling refers to the preparation of existing models that are tailored to the jointly defined requirements. The result of the as-built model is then delivered in a jointly defined IFC format. In addition, the CDE (Common Data Environment) enables the models to be used and visualised collaboratively. 

Our services

  • Conception of the data model concerning the object catalogue, attribution and level of detail (LoD) 
  • Preparation of inventory data from existing geographical databases and, if required, on-site surveys as a basis for modelling 
  • Preparation of the BIM as-built models according to the jointly defined requirements 
  • Delivery in a jointly defined format or as a web viewer for visualisation without special software and hardware requirements 

Your advantages

  • A tailor-made model! All information relevant to your project use cases is modelled with the necessary granularity. 
  • The fundamentals are transparent for all parties involved and there is no ambiguity regarding the current situation on site. 
  • Ideal starting point for any BIM project, also as a basis for model-based tenders. 
  • We are railway professionals and know what the ideal content and level of detail of the as-built model is for your use case.