High-quality 3D visualisations and 4D simulations


Product description

"A picture is worth a thousand words". This also applies to a construction project. Especially in complex building situations or construction processes, project participants often want a visualisation for better understanding. This desire is all the greater when, for example, residents who are not experts in the field are affected. Visual impressions are particularly helpful in understanding the upcoming construction measures. 

A visualisation or simulation is a communication tool that is often underestimated. The discussion in a 3D visualisation takes place directly on the problem from the very first moment. No room for interpretation, no misunderstandings, no different images in your head. 

Good visualisation improves the efficiency of communication and leads to a better and uniform understanding of the project. We are your visualisation experts! 

Our services

  • High-quality visualisations from the models 
  • 4D simulations, construction process, logistics, project phases 
  • Simulation of different project variants 
  • Rendering of BIM models 
  • Sequencing: construction model linked to schedule 

Your advantages

  • Risk minimisation through better and standardised project understanding 
  • Better planning and decisions based on simulations 
  • Improved communication 
  • Time and cost control 
  • Increased transparency and quality on the construction site