Virtual walk-through

Virtual walk-through

Efficient and targeted access without security risks

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Product description

The virtual walk-through makes it possible to explore the conversion perimeter and the surrounding area virtually and to discuss and document the necessary measures together without an on-site presence. This enables an efficient and targeted discussion with all parties involved with the necessary level of detail and without any safety risk.  

The model consistently becomes the central source of information for all project participants. In order for a virtual project inspection to be possible, preliminary work is necessary. The inventory must be recorded and the existing data must be prepared for modelling. 

Our services

  • The as-built model is extended for the necessary context, e.g. with point clouds, 360-degree images and other information. 
  • Integration of additional geoinformation such as environmental zones, water protection or parcel boundaries is also possible. 
  • Extension of the model enables user-specific information. 

Your advantages

  • Project inspection in the protected area with all available information and its permanent availability 
  • Jointly documented inspection as a starting point for further measures 
  • No disruption to ongoing railway operations  
  • Continuous and consistent data and documentation for all project participants 
  • Integrated task management 
  • Saving time and resources (CO2)