Digitisation of the inventory as a basis for comprehensive evaluations & analyses 


Product description

The digitalisation of the railway infrastructure with all its structures and facilities begins with the survey. Our expertise with various solutions and measuring systems covers the entire spectrum of surveying: 

  • From classic point mapping to 3D surveying with drones and laser scanners to rail-based mobile mapping. 
  • Equipped for all perimeters: whether for project-specific small areas or entire route networks. 
  • The processing and preparation of the data is tailored to the integration into your environment. 

Our services

  • Surveying and digitalisation of the railway facilities and the surrounding area. 
  • Determination of the optimum solution for your requirements, depending on the objects to be measured, the expected accuracy or the size of the perimeter. 
  • Recording of plant objects, infrastructure structures, track position measurements, generation of 3D images or ballast probing and sampling. 

Your advantages

  • For whatever purpose, recording the current inventory of the system and bringing it into the office involves a great deal of effort. We can do this for you efficiently and to a high standard. 
  • We are railway professionals and know what is needed. You define with us WHAT and HOW you need your information - we provide it. 
  • When submitting data, we make sure that you can continue to use the data in your systems in the best possible way and integrate it directly into your workflow.