Static and kinematic laser scanning

Static and kinematic laser scanning

Point clouds as evidence and as-built documentation 


Product description

Laser scanning enables objects to be recorded quickly and precisely. The result is a three-dimensional point cloud. Laser scanning can be carried out statically using a scanner on a tripod or, if tracks are present, using a measuring trolley in kinematic form. The holistic recording method allows the conditions to be recorded at one point in time and enables optimum preservation of evidence, which creates a valuable basis for any subsequent work.  

Our services

  • Recording the construction site with a static scanner 
  • If tracks are present and accessible, recording of the construction site with kinematic laser scanning 
  • Processing and preparation of the point cloud with accuracies in the millimetre range 
  • Partially automated object detection as well as further analyses and mapping from the collected data sets  
  • If required: Derivation of an as-is or as-built model 

Your advantages

  • Overall view of the construction site  
  • Evidence documentation at a specific point in time 
  • Optimal basis for BIM model creation 
  • Axis-related measurements of various objects  
  • Automated detection of rails, overhead contact lines and contact edges