Track Maintenance

New and effective systems for efficient and effective ballast replacement and subgrade refurbishment / track renewal.

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Standard gauge area:

We use modern excavating machines for the renewal with ballast replacement and, if necessary, substructure renovation. Used material is transported onto crawler tracks by loading wagons and rail-bound. New material can efficiently be transported to the construction site with loading wagons. Rail cranes can optionally also be used. We carry out complete renewals in switches and tracks with integrated ballast cleaning. Ballast recovery is typically 50% in switches and up to 70% in tracks. Ballast recycling conserves resources and simplifies logistics.

Meter gauge area:

The track-bound total excavation including continuous material loading into excavation wagons allows the renewal of tracks and switches. If required, special machines can be used to excavate rock (bed-lowering). The rail cranes can optionally also be used. The rail-bound track renewal with the RM76 CAPRICORN ballast cleaning machine and the MUNGG gantry crane system allows efficient track renewal in night shifts. Ballast cleaning enables an increase in output per metre and reduces the need for ballast.

What we can do for you:

  • Sophisticated machine technology, optimised construction site planning and use of synergies
  • New and adaptable concepts
  • Well-rehearsed and specialised teams of track builders and machine operators for minimum staff deployment on site
  • Modern machinery with the latest generation of high-performance machines
  • Personal exchange to discuss the exact starting position and individual needs
  • Flexible and individual adaptation options for different construction site requirements
  • Bundling of resources and continuous improvement process

Your advantages:

  • Our machines in the metre gauge range are suitable for very narrow radii, steep inclines and for the most part also for rack and pinion tracks.
  • Well thought-out and conclusive concept ensuring your satisfaction
  • Efficient use of resources due to direct separation of good and worn ballast
  • Quick installation, for example of the foundation layer and PSS material (gravel sand)
  • Works can be carried out in the night closure
  • Market leader in technology
  • Consideration of economic and ecological factors
  • High-quality end product