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ZEB Bern Wylerfeld

Single-track 300-metre-long underpass structure for the eastern entrance to Bern railway station. As RS Wylerfeld syndicate, we were the general contractor responsible for the railway technology area.

ZEB Bern Wylerfeld, Entflechtung

ZEB Bern Wylerfeld


Schweizerische Bundesbahnen AG


Bern, Switzerland

Construction period:

01/2016 - 04/2023

Executing companies:

Sersa Group AG (Schweiz), Rhomberg Bahntechnik, 
Sersa Maschineller Gleisbau AG, Sersa Technik AG


Project Description

In the Bernese Wylerfeld, the eastern entrance to Bern railway station, the much-frequented railway lines Zurich/Biel-Bern and Thun-Bern join together. The three tracks from Zurich/Bienne and the two lanes from Thun lead into four lanes to Bern station. Accordingly, the routes of the trains partly overlap. This limits capacity and hinders the expansion of long-distance and regional services. The construction site is located directly in front of the SBB headquarters in Wankdorf.

Project content:
The project foresees a single-lane 300-meter-long underpass. Seen from Bern railway station, it crosses under three lanes between Wylerfeld and the Bern Wankdorf Süd stop and leads into the line to Thun. This deconcentration allows trains to cross at different levels at the same time without obstructing each other. In order to be able to construct the structure, extensive modifications to the tracks and the Bern Wankdorf South stop (Bern-Thun line) are necessary. The costs were estimated at CHF 270 million.

Project implementation:
SBB has divided the project into different lots. The contract for the GC Bahntechnik lot was awarded to the syndicate Wylerfeld, consisting of Rhomberg Bahntechnik, Sersa Group Schweiz, Sersa Technik and Sersa Maschinenller Gleisbau, with a value of CHF 15.4 million. The construction lots were awarded to Strabag and to a consortium Frutiger-Marti. SBB IH is constructing the track systems in the operating tracks, is building the catenary system and the SA interior system.

Scope general contractor railway technology:
Our lot comprises services in 20 construction phases until 2023. 15 km of track, 57 points and 20 km of cable, SA outdoor installations, switch heating systems have so far been demolished and 13 km of track newly built. The project strengthens the group's internal cooperation.


The safety of the work alongside the operating plants places high demands on the crew. As one of SBB's substations is located in the area of Wankdorf station, grounding is a topic that must be constantly taken into account during dismantling. A cut open track is not a grounding for a track excavator. Due to the dismantling of the track system, masts of the feeder line were temporarily standing on the tracks without earthing.

The cooperation with the SBB project management, SBB IH and the participating contractors places high demands on construction managers and construction site staff. Often the accessibility of the site itself is the greater difficulty than the execution of the work.

Building under operation
The work is carried out under railway operation on an isolated construction site and at night intervals and weekend part closures.

Technical Data

Track in ballast dismantled

15 000 m

Track in ballast laid

13 000 m

Switches dismantled

57 pieces

Laying of new switches

35 pieces

Ballast installation

28 000 t


120 km

Laying and protection cabling

180 km

Cabling dismantled

40 km

Signals dismantled

89 pieces