Meter-gauge renewal

Meter-gauge renewal

Track-bound ballast cleaning, track renewal with ballast cleaning, ballast replacement and subgrade rehabilitation in tracks or points for Rhaetian Railway Ltd. and Matterhorn Gotthard Railway.

Schotterreinigung Streckengleis Meterspur  (12)

Meter-gauge renewal


Rhätische Bahn AG, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn



Construction period:

1976 - present

Executing companies:

Sersa Maschineller Gleisbau AG


System Description

Sersa Maschinenller Gleisbau AG ensures efficient track renewal with a modern, innovative machine fleet that is adapted to the requirements of metre-gauge railways.

Our RM76 CAPRICORN ballast cleaning machine uses a chain to convey the ballast into the screening plant. The cleaned ballast is then reintroduced into the track bed. This efficient process protects both the environment and resources. The polluted debris is conveyed and removed on ballast wagons. Using our RM76 CAPRICORN in combination with a MUNGG gantry crane system enables complete track renewals (including track and sleeper replacement) even during night closures.

Our AVW-2 TYREX rail-bound excavating and loading excavator is used for ballast replacement and subgrade rehabilitation. For the removal and installation of track yokes, our MUNGG gantry crane system or KRC458 track crane is optionally used in the night barrier.

Tamping machines and road graders are used to complete the work.

For all other renovation work, various special machinery, such as pick hammers or walking excavators, are available.


Machines can be used in very tight radii, on steep gradients and, for the most part, on rack and pinion tracks. Very experienced and trained teams carry out the work.

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