Ballast Superstructure Tracks and Switches_commercial track construction

Ballast Superstructure Tracks and Switches

Building and reconstructing railway track systems is what we do best.

Ballast Superstructure Tracks and Switches
Bogen-Doppelte-Kreuzungsweiche at St. Pöltner Main Station

Our track construction equipment and machines make us your one-stop-shop.

Challenging framework conditions such as special safety precautions, short construction times, and work at night/weekends are an integral part of our company philosophy - working together with you to develop innovative solutions and then implementing them dynamically.

Modern equipment and efficient procedures guarantee the quality of implementation. The range of services we offer is based around what our clients need and can all be adapted to meet your specific needs.

What we can do for you:

  • Creating permission documents
  • Project-related substructure work
  • Project-related drainage work
  • Project-related cable foundation engineering
  • New-build or reconstruction for tracks and points - ballast superstructure
  • Customised solutions such as mat tracks, track supporting slabs, and track pans
  • Complete rail reconstruction
  • Buffer stops installation
  • Track scales installation
  • Level crossing construction
  • Customised solutions based on client requirements (measuring rails, ballast bed bonding, etc.)
Schotteroberbau Gleise und Weichen LMSRA


We offer efficient processes such as ballast bed cleaning using the light mobile ballast bed cleaning system LMSRA.