Track Maintenance

Track Maintenance

Bahnbau Wels, Rhomberg Gleisbau and Universale Bau have been carrying out track maintenance work for the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) network for many years. The contract is based on framework agreements which run for several years.

Fahrweginstandhaltung Bahnbau Wels

Track Maintenance


ÖBB Infrastruktur AG


ÖBB route network in Austria

Construction period:

since 01/2016

Executing companies:

Bahnbau Wels GmbH (in consortium)
Rhomberg Gleisbau GmbH (in consortium)
Universale Bau GmbH (in consortium)


Our contract

  • Removing tracks and switches
  • Laying tracks and switches
  • Replacing rails, sleepers, and components
  • Regulation of small iron and rail fastening systems
  • Track bedding and substructure work
  • Ancillary services for the production of rail welds
  • Track interlocking
  • Work on track covering at railway crossings and junctions
  • Management of authority procedures for road closures
  • Asphalt and marking work at railway crossings
  • Manual snow removal and winter services