Weichenerneuerung Bahnhof Jessen

Switch renewal Jessen train station

WE W1&W2 mit BE und BÜ km 178,856 Bahnhof Jessen

Projekt Bahnhof Jessen_2
Switch renewal Jessen train station

Switch renewal Jessen train station

Client: DB Netz AG
Location: Jessen (Elster), Germany
Project time:

Hauptbauphase 01.07.19 – 13.07.19,
DUA 26.09.19, Schleifen 03.10.19

Executing companies: Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland GmbH (Niederlassung Ost)
Contract value: 260.000,- EUR


Project Description

At Jessen station (Elster) two switches required renewal. The switches are 2x EW 54 - 500 - 1:12 r B. As part of the new construction the ballast is also renewed. The installation of the switches includes sidings with a total length of 70m. The construction site includes a heavily frequented level crossing (B187) with heavy goods traffic. The work on the level crossing includes the dismantling of track panels GÜP type Chemnitz and the contractual installation of also GÜP type Chemnitz. Due to the traffic class and the concerns we had expressed, STRAIL was finally installed as per instruction. Part of the building contract were also 20m ballast support and edge path construction.

Project Content

  • Measures for site installation / safety
  • Surveying works
  • Track and road works
  • Ballast renewal
  • Coordination track and road construction
  • Marking works
  • Level crossing works
  • Tamping works
  • Rail grinding
  • Ramming of ballast supports
  • Welding work
  • Traffic safety

Services Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland GmbH

  • Renewal 2x EW 54 – 500 – 1:12 r B
  • Renewal of 70m of track
  • Ballast renewal
  • Side walkway construction
  • Ballast support
  • Welding and grinding
  • Level crossing works
  • Tamping work
  • Traffic safety