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Gambarogno, Tessin

Renewal of the railway infrastructure in SBB Gambarogno. The Sersa Group AG (Schweiz) was responsible for the railway technology.

SBB Gambarogno

SBB Gambarogno




Gambarogno, Schweiz

Construction period:

03/2017 - 04/2019

Executing companies:

Sersa Group AG (Schweiz) (consortium with Muttoni SA, Reali SA
Casada SA, Pizzarotti SA, Notari SA, Poncetta SA)

Involved companies of the
Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group:

Sersa Group AG (Schweiz), Sersa Technik AG,
Sersa Maschineller Gleisbau AG, Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH


Project Description

The "Renewal of the railway infrastructure Gambarogno (MIG)" included the "Line 631, Cadenazzo - Pino confine" between km 159.600 and km 175.000. The line runs from east to west on the left side of Lake Maggiore and is integrated in the Bellinzona - Luino - Gallarate line, with a central function between the connections of the Gotthard and Simplon axes. The most important steps to achieve the objectives of the MIG project are:

  • Integration of a second track at the junction of the Locarno-Luino line at km 160,700
  • Doubling of the line between Contone and Quartino, Km 161.000 - 163.700
  • Extension of the current track 4 at Magadino-Vira station
  • Replacement and modernisation of overhead contact lines and supply of the stations of Magadino, San Nazzaro and Ranzo
  • Replacement and modernisation of auxiliary power line between Cadenazzo and Magadino
  • Replacement of the security systems in Magadino, San Nazzaro and Ranzo-San Abbondio with a single electronic system centralised in Magadino
  • Rehabilitation and adaptation of all civil engineering works (bridges, underpasses, shafts, discovered and ancillary works) between Km 159,600 and Km 175,000


The civil engineering and railway engineering work was awarded by the SBB with the Bm3 concept. The project therefore includes the entire railway technology and all trades of track construction and civil engineering as well as the complete rail-bound logistics and safety.

Building under operation
A large part of the work was carried out with the line closed from 12.06.2017 to 08.12.2017. After this phase until 27.04.2018, works were carried out with daily closures from 09.00 - 17.00 hours from Monday to Saturday, as well as additional nightly intervals and at weekends.

Technical Data

Track dismantling:

4 000 m

Switch dismantling:

4 pieces

Expansion of ballast bed:

18 000 t

Ballast installation:

25 000 t

Rail laying:

4 000 m

Sleeper laying:

4 000 m

Track laying:

6 667 pieces

Switch laying:

5 pieces

Verge securing:

5 000 m