Total switch renewal

Total switch renewal

Sophisticated machine technology, optimised construction site planning, and synergy use.

Gesamterneuerung Weichen

Replacing old railway switches with modern technology will help rejuvenate any system.All of our processes are perfectly interlinked and build upon one another but can still be adapted flexibly and individually based on your unique needs.

What we can do for you:

  • Construction site planning
  • Construction site management
  • Surveying work for refurbishment
  • Crane services, track and switch removal and installation
  • Subsoil remediation
  • Ballast replacement, ballast cleaning
  • Installation and compacting gravel sand
  • Ballast installation and compression
  • Track and switch installation
  • Levelling, straightening, and tamping work after conversion
  • Extensive experience in switch conversion


  • Flexible, individual site management
  • Significant time savings and shortened blocking periods
  • Rail traffic can be restarted immediately after switch installation
  • Significant increase in quality through maximum performance efficiency
  • Minimisation of costs


Gesamterneuerung Weichen