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Switch renewal with the W+ system in standard-gauge

Switch replacement including ballast replacement, subgrade rehabilitation and ballast cleaning

Gesamterneuerung Weichen mit System W+ in der Normalspur

Switch renewal with the W+ system in standard-gauge


Schweizerische Bundesbahnen AG, BLS AG



Construction period:

2004 - present

Executing companies:

Sersa Maschineller Gleisbau AG, Sersa Group AG (Schweiz)

System Description

Sophisticated machine technology, optimised construction site planning, and use of synergies: Sersa's concept for the complete renewal of switches relies on the modular design of all services in the switch segment.

With the modular system, all of the work processes perfectly interlock and build upon each other, yet can still be adapted flexibly and individually to different construction site requirements.

This is done under normal SBB/BLS/TPF operations. The excavation is carried out with or without ballast cleaning with W+/REINER+. The excavation system is supplemented by rail crane, tamping machine, loading wagon on crawlers, normal loading wagon and cross loading. Well-practiced teams consist of track-layers and machine operators. The machinists operate these machine groups in a way that the work can be carried out with a minimum number of personnel. The supply of new material from the adjacent track is optimally integrated into the construction site sequence with the aid of loading wagons and the special UMH interface wagon.


The establishment of a team within Sersa and the implementation of switch renewals in Switzerland. This interdisciplinary collaboration is between the various specialist services of both Sersa and SBB.

Our wealth of experience

Switch renewal since 2008:

approx. 1166 pieces

Track renewal since 2008:

around 99'200 m


92% of all projects were delivered on time.

Video: Night shift in Oerlikon
Gesamterneuerung Weichen mit System W+ in der Normalspur B66U-4 Nachschicht Oerlikon