Tamping Technology

Our comprehensive fleet of machines is state-of-the-art and modernised continuously.

Maschineller Gleisbau Stopftechnik 1_09-8x4 4 S Dynamic E³
09-8x4/4S Dynamic E³

The interaction between increasing transport performance and high-quality track maintenance in ever shorter track possessions continues to drive the development of performance for railway construction machines.

As a result, technological development and the efficiency of machine technology used are becoming increasingly important. Our comprehensive fleet of machines is state-of-the-art and modernised continuously.

Every track maintenance requires a series of work processes which must be coordinated. The better the interaction of the work technologies used, the higher is the achievable work performance, the work quality and thus the economic efficiency.

All systems at Bahnbau Wels are designed in such a way that the greatest possible performance for the customer can be achieved within the existing blocking time. 

What we can do for you:

  • Tamping, levelling and compacting work on track and switch systems
  • Maintenance work on tracks and switches
  • Single fault corrections
  • Compaction of ballast in front of the sleeper heads
  • Recording of the relative track position
  • Measuring the absolute track position in real time with the PALAS system
  • Re-measurement of the absolute track position at the fixed points with Mephisto
  • Modern machinery with high-performance machines of the latest generation

Your advantages:

  • Ensuring the correct track position
  • Optimisation or long-term preservation of the efficiency of the railway infrastructure
  • Market leader in technology
  • Consideration of economic and ecological factor
Maschineller Gleisbau Stopftechnik 7_Universal Tamper 4.0 S7 PLS 16 4.0-S Foto 2


We offer our customers modern and efficient machinery. We strive for constant technological development of machine technology so as to optimise the processing of tracks and switches on the one hand and to collect important parameters of track condition on the other hand.