SLS® and Sleeper Crack Grouting®

Sleeper renovation for wooden and concrete sleepers

Second Life System SLS® and Sleeper Crack Grouting®

The passing of time also tends to affect wooden and concrete sleepers, so that over the years weak points can develop on track systems. At the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, we specialise in the maintenance and renovation of sleepers: With SLS® Second Life System and Sleeper Crack Grouting®, we offer the right solutions for both wooden and concrete sleepers. Because: With our proven processes, the service life of track systems can be considerably extended and maintenance costs are also significantly reduced. Further advantages: Both methods are proven and safe, allow renovation under rolling stock and can be installed quickly and efficiently.

Second Life System SLS®

The patented Second Life System SLS® combines the re-fitting of sleeper screws and nails with the resetting of gauge and guide width. The process reduces maintenance costs, avoids additional line closures and can extend the service life of track and switch systems by 5-10 years.

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Schraubenlochsanierung SLS

Sleeper Crack Grouting®

The patented sleeper crack grouting® process Sleeper Crack Grouting® is a maintenance method that can be used to extend the service life of track and switch concrete sleepers with intolerable cracks by at least five years. Compared to conventional low-pressure crack grouting in particular, Sleeper Crack Grouting® has clear advantages in terms of cost and operating speed.

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