Owl wins Prix Sécurité of SBB

"Owl" product wins Prix Sécurité of SBB

Things finally clicked after five tries: With “Owl”, Sersa Schweiz has won this year’s Prix Sécurité from SBB for the best safety-enhancing solution.

Sersa product "Owl" from the innovation project SRS prevailed


Koni Schnyder, Christian Schnyder and Elias Meusburger were simply walking on air when they were handed the coveted award. We also earned a great third place with the nominated item “vacuum lifting device” that Daniel Neugebauer presented.

Elias Meusburger presented and explained the “Owl” tool to SBB and its suppliers, highlighting its safety-relevant features in the process: The “Owl” enables a construction site to be monitored from a bird’s eye perspective. Workplace coordination is supported and streamlined with the help of this digital presentation, communication and automatic logging.

The Owl uses a smartphone app and GNSS tracker to record the live positions of construction crews and machinery and present an overview of the information. The web-based software application facilitates direct and simultaneous communication with several people. The messages can be answered on a smartphone or smartwatch.

With the exception of direct calls, all steps that are taken are automatically recorded in the running log. Owl enables workplace coordinators to focus on their core jobs and serves as a supportive, innovative tool that is used to facilitate coordination and operational activities on and around the track.

No sensitive personal data are recorded. Work coordinators input the same information that they have also input for past construction sites. Every user also has the current site overview that shows such information as where I am, where the others are, where the machinery and other construction site materials are and where the approaches, crossings, safety paths and assembly points are. The system provides fast, simple communications with push notifications and one-click responses. Owl requires no installation effort and can be used at every outdoor construction site.

Elias Bruno Meusburger
“With our clear focus on the customer and our agile approach, we have successfully come up with an innovative product that also appeals strongly to other SBB service providers.” Elias Meusburger said. “The pivot of the project’s focus from safety to coordination efficiency as added value for the construction site that we made last summer then reopened the door to the issue of safety.”
Elias Bruno Meusburger
Projektleiter Instandhaltung SGS


The award demonstrates that we are on the right track with our innovations within RSRG and that it pays off to invest in new ideas.

Prix Securité

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