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Together into the future of mobility

The countdown is running: On 27 April 2021, the InnoTrans in Berlin starts. Up until then we will be presenting a new exciting topic every month on these pages, giving you an insight into our work and our projects. Read about what moves us and the industry and also find out what career opportunities and prospects we can offer you.

Sabrina Krassnitzer
Introducing our RSRG-HR

Rhomberg Bahntechnik Team Leader HR Sabrina Krassnitzer talks about her daily work.

BIM Projektausführung 3
BIM - Digitalisation in project execution

Data from the project execution is simply recorded.

crane load to wagon
BIM – Engineering and work preparation

Simulation of construction processes to be prepared for all incidents.

BIM Angebotsbearbeitung_KAT iTWO_3
BIM – Bidding Process

Faster and more accurate bidding through Building Information Modelling

BIM_Modellierung und Design
BIM – Modelling and Design Area


How to enhance models with data

BIM Realtiy Capture Vermessung Punktaufnahme und Absteckung
BIM area Reality Capture


How to bring the real world into the digital world and back again.

Journey to InnoTrans Andreas Kiesenhofer
Journey to InnoTrans: Highlight of the Month March

Our range of machinery – large and broad

Innovation Day 1
A day dedicated entirely to innovation

Sersa showcased its progress towards BIM

200107_Betonage zweites Gleis Bözberg 2
Slab track in the Bözberg Tunnel stands

Rhomberg Bahntechnik concretes 4 km of slab track in 25 days.

200226_InnoTrans_Melissa Wilmanns
Journey to InnoTrans: Highlight of the Month February

Rhomberg Sersa DNA – Working for the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

7_Universal Tamper 4.0 S7 PLS 16 4.0-S Foto 2
Universal Tamper 4.0

Bahnbau Wels stays on the pulse of time with new machine

200203_Prix Securite Sersa 2 zugeschnitten
"Owl" product wins Prix Sécurité of SBB

Things finally clicked after five tries: With “Owl”, Sersa Schweiz has won this year’s Prix Sécurité from SBB for the best safety-enhancing solution.

Sersa nicht umzubauende Weiche
SBB contract success for Rhomberg Sersa


Long-term framework agreement for the renewal of switches


Experteninterview Matthias Manhart
Journey to InnoTrans: Highlight of the Month January

Mechanised conversion of lines and switches; renewal and renovation.

The Railway Forum

An important platform for the industry is the Railway Forum, a BahnWege-Seminare® event for infrastructure managers, which is organised annually by Rhomberg Sersa Vossloh.

Gleis- und Weichenstopfmaschine 09-8x4 4 S Dynamic E³
Rhomberg Sersa uses E³ technology

Bahnbau Wels owns two machines with this new technology since mid-September 2019 and is living up to its role as machine owner with a wide range of products.

Tunnelsanierung Bergünersteintunnel
Tunnel renovation for the Rhaetian Railway – The Rhomberg Bahntechnik Method

After the Glatschera Tunnel, Rhomberg Bahntechnik is now renovating another tunnel for the historic Albula line of the Rhaetian Railway: the Bergünerstein Tunnel (409 m).

Stefanie Alge
Introducing our HR

Rhomberg Bahntechnik HR Business Partner Stefanie Alge talks about her daily work.

Our Journey to InnoTrans Highlights

Join us on our Journey to InnoTrans

Mechanised conversion of lines and switches; renewal and renovation

Matthias Manhart
Head of Rhomberg Sersa Technologie

The Rhomberg Sersa DNA - Working at Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

Melissa Wilmanns
Head of HR, Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group.

Our machinery - large and broad based


Andreas Kiesenhofer
Managing Director Bahnbau Wels

The Rhomberg Sersa Strategy 2025

Thomas Bachhofner
CEO Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group
Publication follows

The future construction site with BIM

Ralf Sommer
Business Development Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group
Publication follows

BIM in Practise

Marcel Nolte
Project manager
Publication follows

Machine- and Rail Infrastructure Maintenance Management

Daniel Weickert
CEO JumboTec GmbH
Publication follows

Mechanised Conversion of Slab Track

Norman Krumnow
Head of Innovation Management
Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland
Publication follows

The Mobility Solution of the Future

Konrad Schnyder and Hubert Rhomberg
Owner Board Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group
Publication follows

Global presence

Garry Thür
CTO Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group
Publication follows

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