Brenner Access North, Lot A1

Brenner Access North, Lot A1

New 2-track High-Speed-Line (41km) starting at Kundl/Radfeld ending in Baumkirchen.

Brenner_Zulaufstrecke Nord_Los A1_1

Brenner Access North, Lot A1


ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG


Unterinntal, Austria

Project time:

01/2009 - 07/2012

Executing companies:

Rhomberg Bahntechnik (consortium with Alpine Bau GmbH)

Contract value (net)::

260.00 Mil. € (percentage consortium 50 %)


The new 2 track high speed line has a length of 41km and is designed for speeds of 250km/h, starting at Kundl/Radfeld and ending in Baumkirchen. It is part of the Northern access to the Brenner Base Tunnel between Austria and Italy. 34km of the line is built in 2 track tunnels, additionally there are 10km of safety tunnels to be furnished.

Project details:

Construction management 50 different buildings
Logistics Interior work
Safety-Management Doors and gates
Temporary equipment Lifting devices
Sideways Ventilation
The track built as slab-track Water-pumps
Cabelling Facilities for fire-fighting
  Noise control


Fact Box:

Total concrete: 290.000m³
Length of Sideways: 69.000m
Length of Mass­Spring­Systems: 28.500m
Length of slab­track: 71.000m
Total length of cables: 1.130.000m
Total length of cable­tubes: 1.040.000m
Length of water­tubes for fire­fighting: 69.400m
Noise­-absorbing walls: 31.300m²