Track system IVES

Rhomberg Sersa has extensive know-how in the various slab track types.

This results in the further development of IVES in ballastless track construction. IVES stands for intelligent, versatile, efficient and solid. All of these characteristics are contained in this holistic concept, which is based on the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various slab track models that have been tried and tested over a long period of time.

Fahrbahnsystem IVES

What we can do for you:

Rhomberg Sersa supports you from the design of the IVES ballastless track to the complete installation:

  • Design
  • Production and Supply of the components
  • Installation
  • Support
IVES Slab Track - documentation
IVES Slab Track – Focus on the Zierenberg Tunnel project
Video Zierenbergertunnel
Feste Fahrbahn IVES

During the development, components, materials and working methods were examined and coordinated in order to combine the simplicity and robustness of the bottom-up systems with the high precision of the top-down systems.