Sleeper Crack Grouting®

Sleeper Crack Grouting®

Life extending renovation of concrete sleepers for track sections and switches.


Our patented sleeper crack grouting process Schwellenrisseverguss® is a maintenance method that can be used to extend the service life of track and switch concrete sleepers with intolerable cracks (usually up to 5mm). Positive results have also been achieved in the repair of concrete sleepers after train derailments.

Compared to conventional low-pressure crack grouting in particular, Schwellenrisseverguss® has clear advantages in terms of cost and operating speed.

As grouting is always carried out using only small machinery, it is possible to work in train breaks of less than 5 minutes without blocking the line.


  • Extending service life by more than 5 years (5 years guarantee on the grouting)
  • Tracks are ready for operation immediately after renovation
  • Conversion work can be delayed by at least 5 years (alignment with other conversion work possible)
  • For use on concrete sleepers in ballasted tracks as well as on slab tracks
  • Optimum cost-benefit ratio
  • CO² reduction based on the longer availability of the infrastructure