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Railroad Track Installation Technology

Tight construction schedules require efficient and precise installation techniques.

Mechanised track construction installation technology gantry crane PK 1-20 ES
Gantry Crane PK 1-20 ES

With the PK 1-20 ES gantry crane, sleepers are picked up by the sleeper transport carriage and placed precisely on the ballast bed at a freely selectable sleeper spacing. In addition to laying wooden and concrete sleepers individually, it is also possible to lay Y-steel sleepers.

Our EMD mobile long-rail unloading unit is used to quickly remove long-rails from long-rail fittings on construction sites, safely and carefully in a continuous way.

Any rail lengths up to 120m can be efficiently deposited either in the middle of the track or where the sleeper heads are.

What we can do for you:

  • Sleeper installation with PK 1-20 ES gantry cranes
  • Removing long rails using our EMD mobile unloading system