Grinding Technology

We use our rail grinding machines to optimise the initial quality of new tracks.

Rail Grinding Machines SSM 1 and 2
Rail Grinding Machines SSM 1 and 2

The oscillating wet grinding process removes both the decarburised layer and the indentations on the surface caused by construction site traffic. It can also be used for the specific separate treatment of rail surface defects as well as for maintenance grinding work to remove corrugations.

The Schleifunimog U400L with the mounted sanding unit is mainly used for the maintenance of shunting tracks. The lateral ridge is removed to extend the service life. Due to the grinding process used, it is possible to use drag shoes, also immediately after the grinding work. 

What we can do for you:

  • Oscillating grinding of new rails
  • Corrugation grinding
  • Deburring of rails