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Track Maintenance

We pride ourselves on being a reliable partner for public and private railway operators. Plus, we’re here to help industrial plants with the maintenance of track systems as well as for short-term fault fixing.

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We work with railway operators to define the scope of damage, signs of wear, and necessary periodic maintenance work.

In addition to reliable project delivery, we specialise in fixing faults as fast as possible to make sure your infrastructure facilities return to operation quickly.

As a long-term partner, we are here to help you all year round, reacting flexibility to unforeseen issues to help you avoid disruption.

We’re here so that operators can benefit from our decades of experience in track construction and maintenance.

What we can do for you:

  • Replacing sleepers in tracks and switches
  • Exchanging switch parts
  • Changing rails
  • Measurement and renewal of insulation joints
  • Track correction for tracks and switches
  • Screw hole renovation for wooden sleepers
  • Repairing rail fractures
  • Renewing track groove fillers and track crossings
  • Renovating mat tracks
  • Buffer stop maintenance
  • Deburring rails and switch parts
  • Maintenance grinding for tracks and switches
  • Maintenance tamping for tracks and switches