Grinding Technology

The grinding of switches and tracks is carried out with our own grinding system, which has all the necessary approvals from Deutsche Bahn.


Our system offers an individually tailored grinding concept to every customer and every project. Grinding is characterised by a high degree of speed and flexibility. We invest a lot of time in calculation, planning and technical research in order to be able to offer attractive concepts in price and technology. Additional reconditioning of tracks and switches can be carried out by welding if necessary. Switch components that cannot be reached by mechanical systems (e.g. frog, tongue) are ground manually.

Grinding is one of the track-maintaining processes in which faulty or damaged areas caused by wear are restored. Grinding is intended to prevent premature track or switch replacement due to unresolved wear and tear.

In addition, preventive measures are becoming increasingly important. Preventive maintenance through regular grinding has become an essential part of our holistic rail treatment. It can be assumed that the service life of the tracks and switches will be extended and prevention will inevitably pay off.

What we can do for you:

  • New layer grinding up to 100 m track
  • New layer grinding of switches
  • Elimination of rail defects


In concrete terms, this means:

  • Processing of frogs according to profile
  • Grinding of switch blades adjacent and detached
  • Processing of expansion joints
  • Processing of head-check damages
  • Grinding and deburring work
  • Corrugation grinding
  • Grinding of WITEC tongues