VDE 8.1 NBS Ebensfeld - Erfurt

VDE 8.1 NBS Ebensfeld - Erfurt

The German unification transport project VDE 8.1 (Verkehrsprojekt der Deutschen Einheit) is the core of the high speed line between Munich and Berlin. The three lots stretch across a distance of 107 kilometres on which a total of 440 000m of cables will be laid.


VDE 8.1 NBS Ebensfeld-Erfurt

VDE 8.1 NBS Ebensfeld - Erfurt


Deutsche Bahn AG
Location:  Ebensfeld - Erfurt, Germany
Project time: 05/2014 - 09/2015
Executing companies: Rhomberg Bahntechnik
Contract value (net):  19.2 Mil. €


The main work will be completed between May 2014 and September 2015. The northern, middle and southern side of the VDE 8.1, the new EbensfeldErfurt section, will include electrical infrastructure installations as well as 5016,7 Hz in the tunnels and on the open line. In addition to the planning, there will also be various security installations, such as emergency lighting (6.980 units) and escape route signs as well as electrical supply in various tunnels (main tunnels in total approximately 40kms), rescue tunnels and shafts. In front of the rescue sites and tunnel entrances will be prefabricated transformer stations (58 units). In the outer regions there will also be point (turnout) heating systems (68 units) installed.