Semmering Base Tunnel (SBT) - Gloggnitz - Mürzzuschlag

Semmering Base Tunnel (SBT) - Gloggnitz - Mürzzuschlag

The Semmering Base Tunnel (SBT) is an Austrian construction project and forms part of the Baltic-Adriatic rail Axis.

Semmering Basistunnel (SBT)

Semmering Base Tunnel (SBT) - Gloggnitz - Mürzzuschlag

Client:Consortium SBT
Construction period:2012 - 2026
Executing Companies:RS safetec
Contract value: 2.5 Mil. EUR

This railway tunnel is used for both passenger and freight transport and is foreseen to dramatically reduce from 45 minutes to 15 the travel time between Gloggnitz und Mürzzuschlag. With a length of 27,3 Kilometers, it will be regarded as Austria’s third longest tunnel.

Section between Gloggnitz (Lower Austria) and Mürzzuschlag (Styria)
Length: 27,3 Kilometer
April 2012: Ground-breaking ceremony
January 2014: Construction work officially started

Tunnel section Fröschnitzgraben
July 2015: Construction start

Tunnel section Gloggnitz
May 2016: Construction start

Tunnel section Grautschenhof
March 2016: Construction start

Magnitude of services

  • 76 Cable distribution cabinets
  • 68 Emergency telephones
  • 76 Access points (Wifi inside the tunnels)
  • 20 Access points (Wifi across the construction site)
  • 76 RFID Readers (Access and locating)
  • 9 Cabinet centers, various turnstyle gates
  • Approximately 135 km of fibre optic cables
  • 4 Master units, 8 base station units (70cm radio transmitters)
  • 550 Optic remote units (70cm repeaters)
  • 4 Master units, 4 Air-link remote units (GSM)
  • 50 Optic remote units (GSM repeaters)