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Cityrail Cologne North­-South

Installation works at the lots 2.02 and 2.03

KVB Köln_Nord-Süd-Stadtbahn Lose 2.02. und 2.03.

KVB Cologne, North-South-Cityrail, Lot 2.02. and 2.03


Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (KVB)


Köln, Deutschland

Project time:

08/2011 - 11/2012

Executing companies:

Rhomberg Bahntechnik

Contract value (net)::

2.7 Mio. €


The track works of the North­South Lightrail project in Cologne involve the installation of 7.200 m of slab track including 8
cross­overs as well as 2 crossings. In order to avoid vibrations 4 different types of slab track systems have been used.
The northern Lot includes the installation of a crossing on flexible rail bearings (HES) situated at the dome and a crossing on mass­spring­system (MFS) situated near Bechergasse.

The northern Lot also consists of 1.725 m of track system on  MSS (Mass Spring System), 275 m of HET (High Elastic Track), 240 m of CET (Continuous Elastic Track), 80m of Rheda City track as well as 4 buffer stops.

The southern Lot includes the installation of a crossing at the Bonner Wall for the  ranch line to the second stage of construction, installation of a crossing at Marktstrasse as well as the installation of 3 buffer stops.  Altogether 480 m of track system on MSS, 1.220 m of track system HET, 260 m of track system Rheda City and 2.610 m of track system CET have been installed.