Hohenthurm, Slab Track replacement works

Slab Track replacement works, Hohenthurm

Replacement works for existing slab track between the cities of Hohenthurm and Halle/Saale, a distance of approx. 4.7km

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Slab Track replacement works


DB Netz AG


Hohenthurm, Germany

Project time:

12/2016 - 04/2017

Executing Companies::

Rhomberg Bahntechnik (consortium with GP Günter Papenburg AG, RS Gleisbau GmbH, Sersa GmbH)

Contract value (net)::

13.87 Mio. € (percentage of consortium 60%)


In August 2016 JV Arge FF Hohenthurm was awarded for the replacement work of the existing slab tracks between the cities of Hohenthurm and Halle/Saale, a distance of approx. 4.7km. The works included the removal of the existing slab tracks (concrete blocks placed on an asphalt layer) including all of the noise absorbing elements. Additionally, some platform adjustments along the line as well as the installation of two 94to precast concrete elements were part of the contract.

Due to the limited time available, as well as the time of the year (December until May), the JV suggested the use of the Getrac A3 system to replace the slab track. This was contrary to the planned system which would have required a lot of concrete work in the middle of the winter.

After the removal of the slab track and the milling of the top surface layer, some new asphalt layers were installed by use of a high precision paver. Getrac sleepers were placed on top of the new asphalt layers ready to receive the rails. After lining the skeleton track using a modified tamping machine, the shimming of the rails as well as the installing noise absorbing elements proceeded.

Fact Box:

The following works were undertaken as part of the project:

  • 4.700m slab track, system Getrac A3 (including noise absorbing elements)
  • 2 transition areas (Getrac A3 to ballast) using Rheda 2000
  • 2 transition areas (Getrac A3 to Boegl prefabricated slab)
  • 2 94to precast concrete elements to support the platforms
  • 8.000t ballast either side of the track as some sort of noise absorbing measure
  • Adjustment of the catenary
  • Steel bridge refurbishing works