Prime Contractor Railway Technology DML Zurich

Prime Contractor Railway Technology DML Zurich

Railway Technology for the Durchmesserlinie (DML) Zurich (cross city route), execution in consortium as the prime contractor.

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Durchmesserlinie (DML) Zürich, Prime Contractor Railway Technology


SBB Infrastruktur


Zurich, Switzerland

Project time:

07/2012 - 12/2013

Executing companies:

ARGE Bahntechnik DML (Rhomberg Bau AG, Implenia Bau AG, cablex AG)

Contract value: :

42.5 Mil. CHF (percentage of consortium 50%)


Weinberg tunnel together with the underground thoroughfare station, Löwenstrasse, on the western side of Zurich main train station forms the core part of the Durchmesserlinie. This new line will link Zurich main station to Oerlikon station.

The main contract to equip the new line was awarded to the joint venture (JV) ARGE Bahntechnik DML, consisting of Rhomberg Bau AG in St. Gallen (with primary responsibility), Implenia Bau AG in Wallisen and Cablex AG in Ostermundigen. As the prime contractor, the JV was responsible for the complete slab track installation, vibration prevention (installing Mass Spring Systems), ventilation, electrical installations including the tunnel control systems, tele and radio communication, pump systems, doors & gates, handrails, signage, and fire extinguishing water systems.

After a five year construction period, the installation of track-related technical equipment in the 4.5km long doubletrack tunnel as well as the Löwenstrasse station, started in July 2012. In accordance with the concluded contract, all the work was successfully completed in December 2013.

The 14 Kilometres of slab track and 16 turnouts were constructed on the Low Vibration Track (LVT) system. To ensure a continuous high precision slab track installation, an inhouse developed track adjustment system RhoTAS was used. Tremendous logistical challenges were faced such as supplying material to the construction site through a 35m vertical shaft, minimising the operational impact on the SBB (Swiss federal railway) and working parallel with other companies that also required access to the construction site.

Facts DML

  • Vibration prevention: 200m Heavy Mass Spring System (MSS), 140m Medium MSS and 500m light MSS
  • Slab track: 14.000m Low Vibration Track (LVT) and 1.000m LVT HA
  • Turnouts (Points / Switches): 16 Turnouts on LVT