Bodenbacher Strasse, Dresden

Bodenbach Street, Dresden

Renewal of six track construction sections on slab track

Projekt Bodenbacher Straße

Bodenbach Street, Dresden

Client: Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG
Location: Dresden, Deutschland
Project time: 10/2019 - 11/2019
Executing companies: Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland GmbH, Niederlassung Ost
Project volume: 1.29 Mil EUR


Project Description

For autumn 2019, the DVB AG planned to renew the worn rails of the slab track system Rheda City, built in 1999, on Bodenbacher Straße in Dresden. The construction work was divided into six construction phases. In the course of the track superstructure work, the road covering, drainage systems and electrical feed systems were renewed.

The construction work had to be carried out in the confined road space while maintaining individual traffic on the lane leading out of town. A particular challenge was the simultaneous use of the logistics lane and construction site by all trades without any restrictions - in some cases up to three trades in the same construction phase.

Project Content

  • Coordination of various trades and other third parties,
  • Measures for site installation and subsequent clearance,
  • Construction site safety,
  • Coordination of traffic safety and traffic management,
  • Surveying services,
  • Marking works,
  • Voltage disconnection,
  • Demolition works,
  • Earthworks, track and road construction,
  • Deconstruction and new construction of drainage system,
  • Civil engineering works for traction current, communication, low voltage, medium voltage and lightening protection systems,
  • Superstructure welding,
  • Production of a road covering of asphalt binder and mastic asphalt (~ 5,870 m²), including jointing work,
  • Production of bituminous joints on rails,
  • Waste disposal services.

Services Rhomberg Sersa Deutschland GmbH

  • Cutting asphalt,
  • Dismantling of rails (3,000 m) on slab track system Rheda City, including connection work,
  • Re-installation of old rails (1,800 m) and installation of new rails (2,000m) on the Rheda City slab track system, including connection work,
  • Welding services (76 pcs MF welds),
  • Dismantling and construction 56 rail drainage boxes,
  • Mixing and pouring of concrete.

External service:

  • Cutting asphalt,
  • Asphalt milling (~ 5.870 m²),
  • Installation of asphalt binder and mastic asphalt (~ 5.870 m²),
  • Production of bituminous joints on rails and roads (existing and new),
  • Welding services (231.00 pcs MF welds),
  • Dismantling and new construction of all electrical feeding systems.