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Systematic track maintenance meter-gauge

We have been carrying out mechanical graveling, tamping, levelling and compacting for several railway companies in Switzerland since 1967.

Systematischer Gleisunterhalt Meterspur Nivellier-Richt-Stopfmaschine B40UM-5

Systematic track maintenance meter-gauge


Rhätische Bahn, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, Montreux Berner Oberland Bahn AG,
Appenzeller Bahnen AG, Regionalverkehr Bern-Solothurn, Aare Seeland Mobil,
Transports de la Région Morges Bière Cossonay SA, BLT Baselland Transport AG,
Forchbahn AG, Aargau Verkehr AG und weitere Meterspurbahnen



Construction period:

1967 - now

Executing companies:

Sersa Maschineller Gleisbau AG

System Description

The Sersa Maschinenller Gleisbau AG ensures smooth train traffic on the track of the metre gauge railways by maintaining them with state-of-the-art machinery and innovative measuring technology.

For the systematic maintenance work, ballast is drawn in from the ballast flanks with ballast graders or unloaded ballast is distributed. Levelling and tamping machines are used to correct the track in direction, height and over-height. For quality control, recording runs as well as re-measurements are carried out with the track measuring device Mephisto.

Finally, the track is cleared of the ballast again with the ballast levelling machines. The ballast flanks are laid correctly and the sleeper compartments are compacted. The track maintenance machines are operated by specially trained and experienced teams of machine operators.


The machines can be used in very tight radii, on steep gradients as well as in rack and pinion tracks. Various coupling systems are available. The tamping machines are equipped with the absolute measuring system PALAS for high accuracy without limiting the performance. For the machining of large turnouts, a third strand lifting system is available. 2 ballast grading machines are equipped with a silo for the lifting and moving of ballast.

Machine Fleet

  • 6 Universal Levelling Straightening Tamping Machines
  • 5 Ballast Profiling Machines



Universal Levelling Straightening Tamping Machine B40UM-5

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