Project Sugar Beet Transport

Project Sugar Beet Transport

Development of logistics concepts and implementation of logistics services for the Schweizer Zucker AG in Aarberg.


Project Sugar Beet Transport


Schweizer Zucker AG


Aarberg, Switzerland

Contruction period:

09/2019 - 12/2019

Executing companies:

Sersa Group AG (Schweiz)


Project Description

The sugar beet transport project is a logistics project carried out by Sersa Group AG (Schweiz) in cooperation with Schweizer Zucker AG. The core components of the project consists of the planning and implementation of the train logistics (transport) of sugar beets. Transport takes place from various loading stations in western Switzerland, bringing them to the sugar factory in Aarberg. Train containers are loaded by farmers and then transported by Sersa Group AG (Schweiz).


For the transport, a dispatching department was set up with five new employees who are responsible for the handling, monitoring and controlling train movements.

Project Data

Quantity transported: around 450 000 tonnes
Train journeys made: 510 (2018)
Shuttle services provided: 816 (2018)
Number of loading points: 21 (2018)