The universal transition construction V-TRAS

The universal transition construction V-TRAS

Different types of track construction, such as slab track and the classic ballasted track, vary significantly in their time behaviour. This often results in the transitions between such sections and the end other structures, such as bridges or tunnels, becoming sensitive trouble spots during operation. This is because the dynamically acting forces from railway operations and the geological or structural conditions can cause settlements and heaving in these transition areas, which ultimately lead to track position errors. Deviations between the nominal and actual track position can lead to a reduction of the permissible speed or, in extreme cases, even to a closure of track use for regular railway operations.

The universal transition construction V-TRAS is THE solution to this problem and is particularly suitable for the transition from bridge structure to earth structure. Its use leads to a reduction in maintenance effort while simultaneously increasing the operational availability of the line.

The video provides a detailed insight into how the V-TRAS module is installed.

V-TRAS - die universelle Übergangskonstruktion