Slab track in the Bözberg Tunnel stands

Slab track in the Bözberg Tunnel stands

Rhomberg Bahntechnik concretes 4 km of slab track in 25 days

Slab track in the Bözbergtunnel

Commissioning of the Bözberg Tunnel has come a good deal closer thanks to Rhomberg Bahntechnik. Concreting of the slab track on the SBB project " Neubau Bözberg Doppelspurtunnel" was recently completed as part of the expansion of the 4-metre Basel - Chiasso/Ranzo corridor.

At the end of November, the highly motivated Rhomberg Bahntechnik AG team started concreting in the tunnel and completed the work after just 25 days. With an average daily output of 164 metres, the slab track in the double-track tunnel, each 2047 metres long, was concreted using a total of 2730 m³ of cast concrete. At the same time, nearly 1000 metres of ballast track were installed. A true masterpiece from this hard-working team.

About the Bözberg tunnel project

Zur Verlagerung des Güterverkehrs über die Alpen von der Straße auf die Schiene soll die Gotthard-Achse ausgebaut werden, sodass auch Sattelauflieger mit 4 Metern Höhe auf dieser Strecke verkehren können. Größtes Einzelprojekt dieses 4-Meter-Korridors ist der neue doppelspurige Bözbergtunnel zwischen Effingen und Schnach-Dorf. Im Herbst 2015 wurde mit den Arbeiten begonnen, laut SBB sollen die ersten Züge Ende 2020 durch den neuen Tunnel fahren.

Market Leader in the slab track sector

We at Rhomberg Bahntechnik have decades of experience in the sector of slab track. We have been able to prove our position as market leader in this field for a wide range of high-speed and tram lines. We deliver high-quality work not only on time, but also within budget.

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