Concrete Finisher Train - First of its kind in Australia

Concrete Finisher Train - First of its kind in Australia

Rhomberg Rail Australia (RRA) have been awarded the track slab construction for Brisbane’s Cross River Rail project. RKR Engineering (a wholly owned subsidiary of RRA) have been engaged by RRA to design and manufacture two ‘Concrete Finisher’ trains to assist in the process of laying and finishing the concrete for the track slab.




The Concrete Finisher is a multi-carriage, self-propelled train with the functions of:

• receiving concrete from the delivery line in the tunnel.
• providing function to distribute the concrete for laying the full width of the tunnel.
• providing low level, full width work platforms to enable the workers to lay and finish the track slab safely and comfortably.
• self-propelled and able to move slowly enabling the workers to establish a continuously moving work front for the concrete laying.
• independent finishing platform for final finishing of the track slab to required specifications.
• provide flexibility to move plant forward without the need to break the concrete delivery pipe at every interval.
• comply with rolling stock outline and relevant project rail requirements.
• distribute its weight so as to not overload the propped track rating.

As a first of its kind in Australia, the Concrete Finisher train will improve the way in which tunnel track slab is constructed in Australia. The Concrete Finisher provides low level work platforms for workers to safely and effectively lay and finish the track slab. This will improve the working conditions and worker safety, whilst also providing the facilities improve the quality and consistency of the constructed slab. Furthermore, the Concrete Finisher has facility to help distribute the concrete, removing the manual handling of the concrete pipe and improving worker safety.

Following the successful implementation of the concrete finisher train on CRR, this method of constructing track slab will hopefully be viewed as best practice and pave the way for use on future projects.