New high-speed line Wendlingen-Ulm

New high-speed line Wendlingen-Ulm

On the home straight

The new construction of the Wendlingen-Ulm high-speed line is a truly large-scale project: 120 kilometres of slab track, 2 large bridges, up to 150 workers on duty at the same time, 24 points, 12 tunnels, 60 kilometres of slab track in tunnels and a contract volume of 250 million euros. In addition, there are 24 points, the construction of 50-Hertz facilities as well as facilities for telecommunications and traction current. In addition, more than 2,500 kilometres of cables will be laid, the mechanical equipment with ventilation systems, technical rooms and signage will be implemented and 78 kilometres of illuminated handrails will be installed.

Rhomberg Bahntechnik is responsible for the track construction and the railway equipment of the mammoth project together with the ARGE partner Swietelsky in the ARGE Bahntechnik Schwäbische Alb (ABSA). In the meantime, the work is well advanced and is virtually on the home straight. The latest short clip on the ABSA now provides exciting insights into the final phase of the construction work and the construction of the almost 485 m long Filstal bridge, the installation of almost 60 km of our handraiLIT LED handrail in six tunnels and the installation of 16 STOG compensation panels for the slab track.

We wish you much pleasure!

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