Customer magazine „keep track“ – We are investing in a (digital) future

Customer magazine „keep track“ 2021

We are investing in a (digital) future

In December last year, the Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group caused a stir with its investment in the leading simulation developer NXRT. Just a month earlier, our partnership with the EuroTube research foundation (keyword: Hyperloop) hit the headlines. In both these news items, our international railway technology company sends the world a message: We are investing in the (digital) future! For the benefit of our clients.

However, those are just two of the countless innovations and investments which will put our company on a sound future-proof footing. But there is much more in this edition of our customer magazine “keep track”. Discover, for example, what machinery we have, our new technologies, and where they are used, such as Smart Maintenance or BIM. You can also find the latest information about exciting projects such as the Koralm tunnel, “Stuttgart 21”, for the Bavarian Zugspitze Railway, Irish Rail, Sydney, Chamonix and Lucerne. And last but not least, we present some successful new products from our company, such as track diagnostics and the vehicle-accessible level crossing for slab track in tunnels.

Supplement on our "Year of Rail“

In addition, this year's "keep track" includes a special magazine on our "Year of Rail", in which every month we will show you with an expert interview how we are launching innovative concepts and high-quality solutions for a sustainable future, which minds are behind these developments and what drives us.

The new "keep track" online magazine

Just as we invest in the digital future in our daily business, we do the same with our customer magazine "keep track". That is why "keep track" is also appearing as an online magazine for the first time this year. At magazin.rhomberg-sersa.com you will not only find all the articles from the print edition, but also a lot of additional content such as more detailed articles, image galleries, podcasts or videos.

With our "keep track" we would like to express our appreciation to you as a customer, partner or interested party and thank you for your trust. We hope you enjoy reading.

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