BIM area Reality Capture

BIM area Reality Capture

How to bring the real world into the digital world and back again.

As previously reported in connection with the Sersa Innovation Day, the RSRG is working at full speed on the digitalisation of its buildings into models. The RSRG BIM project develops and tests various Use Cases in a total of five areas of activity in order to optimise construction projects from the planning stage, through work preparation to completion.

The working group "Reality Capture" is focusing on digital technologies in order to bring the real world into the digital world and vice versa, for example to simplify staking out in construction projects. It was therefore the goal to investigate the following digital applications in more detail and to put them into practice:

  • Generation of 3D models of the existing structure in the course of an initial inspection
  • Stake out points (e.g. track axes, edge paths) with cm accuracy with easy-to-use equipment
  • Systems for the visualisation of the required components to be erected in their correct site location


Various systems in use on construction sites are being tested in ongoing projects in Basel and at the Eppenberg Tunnel. At present, the following applications can be used in the RSRG:

  • Nature-Model-Nature:
    Data flow from the model (e.g. pre-gravel layer) to nature and vice versa (single point staking and recording of the produced layer) via an easy operated GNSS equipment (antenna on survey pole with field compatible smartphone)
  • Virtual Reality:
    3D view, profile sections, distance, area and volume measurements on the construction site from drone flights and 3D laser scanning
  • Progress Capture:
    Videos of the building site to document the construction progress
  • Augmented Reality:
    Visualisation of planned construction stages on the live image of a smartphone


We will shortly present "Modeling and Design" as the next area of activity in our BIM process.