Positioning Systems / Person Identification

The ZOKA Positioning Module enables the positioning and recording of persons, vehicles and equipment in real time. Depending on the desired system structure, positioning is carried out according to zones or defined detection areas.

Ortung im Tunnel

The evaluation of the centrally recorded data provides information during ongoing operation and in particular to the emergency services in the event of an incident about how many or which persons, vehicles and equipment are currently in which construction site or tunnel area. In order to meet the high safety requirements, the ZOKA system can also detect and locate persons in vehicles.

Electronic transponders with active, ultra-low-power RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology are used for continuous detection. Real-time data is evaluated and logged in the ZOKA Software Positioning Module. The ZOKA Software Visualisation Module also enables a site-specific, graphical display of the location information and control of system elements, such as fans, flaps, signal systems and display of measuring data (air quality measuring stations, noise measurement, etc.).

Using a modern web browser user interface, important information can be retrieved, managed and monitored at any location with internet access and corresponding administration rights.

Available components:

  • Acquisition units for precise zone location
  • Data entry units for area data entry
  • ZOKA Software Positioning Module
  • ZOKA Software Visualisation Module