The digital solution for cost-efficient and effective maintenance and renewal planning


Whether normal gauge or metre gauge, in rural, mountainous or urban areas - our range of products and services is tailored to the requirements of the various railway types and gauge widths - both in our home market of Switzerland and across borders. As a long-standing and efficient partner of public and private railway companies, Sersa specialises in the construction and maintenance of tracks.

Product Specification:

The Sersa also supports you in digital areas with solutions for the digitalisation of your railway infrastructure. Our competencies include:

  • Measuring: Track geometry, catenary, rail profile wear
  • RISSYS measurement database for data storage, visualisation and analysis
  • Support for maintenance and renewal planning


Measuring Database IRISSYS®:

With IRISSYS, we offer our customers a solution for the storage, visualisation and evaluation of any type of route-related data and thus support maintenance and renewal planning. Cost optimisation is achieved through the targeted and effective use of resources. Our measurement database IRISSYS offers the possibility of interfaces to:: Toporail, GIS, infra3DRail or Asset Management Tools.

IRISSYS is a web-based software independent of a measurement service provider, which does not require a local installation and is also available as a mobile version. The measurement database is offered as "Software-as-a-Service".

What we can do for you:

  • Measurements of various parameters: Track geometry, rail profile (wear), catenary position, etc.
  • Web-based measurement database IRISSYS for the analysis of all track-related data and information
  • Support and consulting for analysis and evaluation of measurement data
  • Planning and implementation support

Your advantages:

  • Solution for storage, visualisation and evaluation of any route-related data
  • Cost optimisation through targeted and effective use of resources
  • Preventive maintenance and renewal planning based on forecasts through to automated budget planning
  • Documentation of the condition of the infrastructure (network condition report)
  • Software-as-a-Service: Web-based software, no local installation required
  • Service solution independent of measurement service provider with open interfaces for linking third-party systems