The digital brain for the construction site: Q-tainer

Q-tainer is the digital brain for large construction sites; the Q-tainer solution consists of a mobile EDGE data center that can analyze and evaluate data and video streams on-site as quickly as possible without high latency. It also includes the corresponding frontend that provides the processed data to the customer. Q-tainer delivers both the AI/Machine Learning models and the industry-specific "Construction Intelligence" to make construction sites faster & more efficient.


What does this mean in detail?

Q-tainer brings high-performance Edge Computing and 5G hardware to the construction site: Microsoft Azure Stack Edge and Azure 5G Core. As a result, our solution enables on-site processing of large volumes of data.

Data from various sensors (including video cameras) is analyzed using specially developed Machine Learning algorithms. The evaluations are provided on dashboards and in automatically generated reports. This relieves construction and project managers, allowing them to use their valuable working hours effectively. Repetitive tasks, such as documenting the construction site, are automated, resulting in a more efficient and faster construction site process.

The Q-tainer in the video
Q-tainer Vorschaubild Video
Private 5G Network

Enables fast connectivity & high data security.


On-site processing of large volumes of data.

Efficiency & Safety

Enhancing efficiency and safety on the construction site.

Machine Learning Algorithms

Industry-specific machine learning algorithms allow for high-quality real-time evaluations from the construction site.

Reliable Partners

Deliver concentrated expertise: Railway construction know-how from RSRG and IT/OT excellence from Dätwyler IT Infra.

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The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group/Datwyler Q-tainer is a mobile data center - based on the latest AI algorithms and Microsoft Azure technology - that can analyze and evaluate data and video streams on-site as quickly as possible without high latency times.

This case study highlights the challenges of digitization in construction and shows how innovative technologies lead to increased productivity, safety, and efficiency.

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More information about the Q-tainer solution

Are you interested in Q-tainer and would like more information? Contact the responsible staff (see below) and download the technical datasheet for the hardware!

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